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My name is Michael Thacker.  I live in southwest Virginia and I'm trying to get started underground.  I have my VA underground papers and CPR/AED certification, but no experience.  I'm just trying to get my foot in the door.  I'm a fast learner, hard worker and I'm willing to relocate.  I've always taken every job I've ever had very seriously and I take pride in my work.  I can provide personal references as well as professional references from my current and previous employers.  All I'm looking for is a chance.  I guarantee you I will exceed all expectations.

You can reach me by phone at (276) 546-7077 or by email at 
Anthony Newsome

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My name is Anthony Newsome, I have 7 years experience underground, I can run anything but a miner.  I am looking for a underground job in eastern Kentucky, I have 3 children to feed and bills to pay, if there are any job openings out there please let me know, it would be greatly appreciated.
                                      Thanks and God Bless


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 My name is Christopher Pugh. I am currently searching for a coal mining job. I switched jobs from the coal mines in December, 2011 and would like to get back. I am certified in KY & IL. I have 13 years experience as an underground coal miner. I am an M.E.T., CPR & First Aid certified. I have been trying to get back underground since January, but have had no luck. Looking for something in Western Kentucky. I am a very hard worker. My email is


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My name is Katie Moffatt, I have my inexperienced underground card and am looking for a job near Morgantown, WV or Waynesburg, PA. I live between the two and can travel as far as blacksville for work. I'm 22 just finishing therapy for a knee injury last year, but refuse to let that stop me from working hard and doing something I want to do. I have a resume and can give references as to my work ethic if needed.
Stephen R. Wheaton

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!!!Freshly Safety Training Certified Inexperienced Miner!!


Name(Last, First, Middle):




20 yrs.



HS Diploma - Jefferson-Morgan Sr/Jr Highschool;

Jefferson, PA. 15344


PA. Required Underground Mining Saftey Course:

Instructor: Tom Schumaker.  Completed: 5/24/12  Expires: 5/23/15

Meets Requirements in all States with the exception of West Virginia.


Personal Skills, Traits, Aspirations, Intentions, and Flaws:


+ All throughout school I was in Advanced Placement Classes. I finished my work quicker and with relative ease in comparison to others. As a child the school had my IQ tested and told me I had a genius level IQ. Which placed extra pressure on me to Excell.    


         Throughout the years my father and my grand father(R.I.P.) taught me the 4 generation old family trade of masonry. In the summers I worked with them to put away money for the school year events and such, but Money never lasts nearly as long as it takes to earn it, however the one thing I did earn in that time that I can't spend but will always keep with me and be proud to have in my arsenal of skills is Masonry. Stone, Block, Brick, Concrete, you name it I've done it a time or two. As a Blocklayer's laborer your mortar board will never be empty and I'll do everything in my power to keep you happily fluidly clipping right along. Unfortunately it makes non family references a little harder to supply, but not impossible.


          In school I worked hard to stay ahead in hopes of skipping ahead a grade or two, at first. Then in 11th and 12th Grade, I, like most kids who looked at school as a social gathering for their own benefit became kind of spoiled and realized half my effort was good enough to keep up with everyone one else and so I did what was required and became accustomed to slacking. It was only when I attempted to go on to college that I encountered the self realization of my horrible work ethic and lack of Ambition. Upon realizing this I quickly removed myself from college to get back into the working world. With the constant support, wisdom and critiquing of my mother, father, and step-father. I was able and ready to get myself back into my right state of mind. I contribute the funk I was in to immaturity and a decline in self confidence.


          I was able to gain employment from an old family friend, who knew from the past I was an good efficient laborer, in a sub division of a multi-billion dollar gas and oil company known as Shaft Drillers International. The sub-division was the Coastal Drilling East: Dirt Division. During my time there my bosses(should be able to provide unbiased recommendations and criticisms pertaining to my work ethic.), whom I had known all throughout growing up including my father taught me what the could about erosion control building well sites and other mine, gas, and oil above ground operations pads, equipment safety and operations, and of course Consol, OSHA, and MSHA regulations, safety suggestions, rules, and requirements. I quickly learned as much as I could every day I could. I got my ambition back. I worked hard 10-14hrs a day and I felt great. I had my ambition back, my motivation was learning all I could about all this exciting new stuff and of course with all those hours comes a nice paycheck. No feeling beats knowing you earned that money and with it you can have all the things you've ever dreamed of. You just have to go out and make it happen. Being young independant and happily employed is my goal.


As I have yet to step into a mine, my mind is a clean slate or a fresh ball of clay waiting to be molded into the mind of a safe hard working and enthusiastic young miner. I can't wait to get my foot in the door so I can start asking questions, soaking up information, and doing my part to keep the coal mining industry a safe, productive, and rewarding place for myself and my future co-workers to be able to come into and most importantly go home from everyday.


My name is Stephen Ray Wheaton. I thank you for taking the time to read this and for considering me as a possible candidate for employment. I know many mines are only hiring or looking for Black hat's and Bosses right now, but someday those Experienced Miners will retire to spend time enjoying the rich full lives the mine has given them and their families . There will still be work to be done. I will not disappoint and I will prove myself an asset to the company and my Co-workers. Someone's gotta pick up where the men who've put their time in leave off.



Please contact me for further information if interested:

Home: 724-883-3829 or  724-627-9348

Cell: 724-833-3752



Again your time and

 interest are deeply appreciated


Steve Wheaton.


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My name is Jeremy C. Sturgill. I am looking for an underground mining position, preferably in or close to eastern Kentucky since I live in Whitesburg. I've got my Kentucky permanent underground card with 6 months experience, and I have Virginia green card. Although I spent the majority of my 6 months on third shift (Bull Crew), I've had some experience on MBC (2 months) and Scoop and I am a fast learner and willing to work hard. I plan to learn how to operate every piece of underground equipment and obtain as many certifications as possible. If there are any positions available, please contact me at (606)-633-8184 or

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name is Aaron Mccomas RED HAT
phone 3048608668
location oak hill WV.will relocate in wv if needed
both cards perfarbly looking for underground will take surface
been looking for 9 months
have both cards with just simulated mine experience
can pass a drug test and start asap

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my name is jamie i am a red hat that was hired by pbs coal mine to be underground miner the 3 weeks that i was there i loved it  the best job i have ever had but they layed me off i am looking for a new job in the mines around the somerset pa area i have a pa emt cert a great work back ground hard woker willing to travel if needed i want a great job and do what i do best be safe and and work hard  i can be reached at 724-970-3803 i wont let you down

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My name is Shannon Hoffman I have my black hat and I have 8 months of experience. I have worked all my life,just last year I switched professions. I am a hard worker,I live in Alum creek and I am willing to have a drive time of two hours. 304-756-9254 to contact me thanks!

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     My name is Dave Knight, I come from a coal mining community in Western Kentucky. I will be transitioning from the Marine Corps soon and seeking employment in the coal industry. I have 6 years of Safety Management experience in aviation, including advanced training in accident investigation. Many of these skills are directly transferable to any industry, and may be suitable for mining (even at the entry level). I would like more information on training if any of you would oblige. Thanks.

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COAL MINING FOREMAN- - - $$ Great Salary!! $$ -- Hiring now!!


Location: Birmingham, Alabama Area


Career Level: Mid Career (2+ years of experience)

Relocation:  Yes, Relocation Provided




As a Foreman, you'll have a direct impact on the bottom line of the company while you directly manage a team of hourly miners in one of the following areas:

*            Longwall Maintenance

*            Longwall Production

*            Miner Section Production (LW panel development)

*            Supply

*            Belt moves

*            logistics

*            Pump Operations



*            About  2+ years of experience as a Foreman in an underground coal mine.

*            Demonstrated reliability.

*            Current Foreman certification.

*            Dedication to meeting work goals while creating a safe work environment.


SHIFTS:  Multiple positions available. New hires are typically assigned to 2nd  or 3rd shift.


As a salaried Foreman, you will enjoy a highly competitive pay and benefits package that includes salary, annual bonus, medical and dental insurance, 401K with company match, and more. A generous, company-paid relocation package is also available for this position.


(1)       MUST HAVE about   2+ years of experience as a Foreman in an underground coal mine.

(2)       MUST HAVE Current Underground Foreman certification.

Hurry! Don’t miss this one!! Email your Resume  NOW!! If you don't have one, email me anyway!  Interviews being scheduled now and hiring ASAP! Don't wait! Contact me immediately! BE SURE to specify the position you are interested in filling. Email:


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Originally Posted by Lblair06

my name is larry blair.i am 22 married with a little one on the way. i am looking for work in any underground mines near or around western ky, i have my underground inexperenced card..up to date re training. im a hard worker, working hard isnt hard for me, in tip top shape, 5'8 160 pounds. its a hard and long processes where i live to even get an interview where i live if you dont have any family underground. we have armstrong coal and aliance coal around my area. if anyone could help me just get an interview please do so. my cell is 270-256-5928

Check out Armstrong Coal and KenAmerican.

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My name is Donnie Owens. I have 20 years experience in Underground Coal Mining and 15 as an Underground Electrician. I am proficient and dedicated. Cards are up to date. I am looking for work primarily in Eastern Ky but may consider relocating for the right salary and benefits. I am currently employed in Western Ky but would like to be closer to home in Hazard Ky. If you would like to know more, please email me at or pm me here. I also have a resume and references ready to provide at request. I can email or fax it.

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my name is dave douty im 36 years old with 12 years mining exp. i am in north central wv and need a jobin the mines ive never had such a hard time finding any work in the mines anyone with any info please call me at 304-476-1801 or by email at, i can run anything but i prefer to run the miner 14-15 joy thats what ive done for the past few years thanks ya all
david ross douty jr

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I am a class 26 WV certified mining electrician. I live in Morgantown, WV. I'm 48 years old. I do not mess with drugs of any kind. I have over 25 years electrical experience as well as over 25 years welding fabrication experience. I have right at 8 years in the coal mining industry underground and prep plant maintenance experience. All my certifications are current and I am ready to go to work. I have scans of my resume and certifications I can email to you upon request. I can be reached at
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